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Hexchange: opportunity for printmakers

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(pardon the repeat posting if you've seen this already... I will only be promoting on LJ this week)

I co-manage a little DIY gallery/performance space here in Baltimore, MD, and we're having an open, non-juried call for baltimore-themed print editions. Due to some grant logistics, the timing is not as ideal as I'd like, but I'd love it if community members would consider participating (and we love collaborators, if that's more your thing). Or at the very least, share the call with some of your printmaking buddies.

The basics: edition of 55 (understandably, this has been an obstacle for some), 11x15, your print will be in 3 (possibly more) permanent collections, and there will be an exhibition in October. The full details are below, for anyone interested. Thanks for your time, I hope you'll give the call some consideration.


The Hexagon Gallery is pleased to announce Hexchange, a Baltimore-themed portfolio exchange for emerging printmakers. Hexchange will be on exhibit during the month of October, in conjunction with Second Saturdays, a new initiative from the Station North Arts & Entertainment District to bring community arts and music awareness to the area. Following the exhibition, Hexchange will become a part of the permanent collections at the Hexagon Gallery and Goya Contemporary in Baltimore, as well as the International Printing Museum in Southern California (and possibly more). Hexchange is also receiving promotional support from the Bmore Art Blog, the Contemporary Museum and the Station North Arts & Entertainment District.

There are 50 spots in this portfolio. Register now--spots are filling up! All artists participating in the exchange will receive a portfolio of 50 different prints.

To register for the exchange:

1) send the following information to Hexagon Gallery coordinator Phuong Pham at art@hexagonspace.com:
Email Address
Mailing Address

2) send payment:

Checks can be made payable to Phuong Pham, or payment can be sent via Paypal (please inquire for paypal invoice)

The Hexagon
attn: Phuong Pham, Gallery
PO BOX 50015

Fee: $10 for artists in East and Central time zones, $15 for artists in Mountain and Pacific time zones. Artists outside the continental US will be given a payment estimate upon inquiry. This modest fee will cover constructing portfolio mailers, return postage, and exhibition postcards (also to be sent to each artist prior to the show). Your registration will not be complete until we have received your payment.

3) Start printing! Print requirements:
-edition of 55
-11x15 inches
-paper choice and bleed are up to you
-sign and number prints

***Important*** All editions must be received, with your own interleaving, (address above) by September 18th, 2009. No extensions, as this will give us just enough time to collate, construct cases, and hang the exhibition.

Questions? Contact Phuong at art@hexagonspace.com

The Hexagon is a community run gallery and performance space in the Station North Arts District of Baltimore, Maryland. The focus of the space is to eliminate segregation in the community by providing a forum for collaboration between artists of diverse backgrounds, to mentor local arts organizers, and to provide educational public arts workshops. Our facilities and services are made available to all artists who need a place to exhibit, perform, or create their original artwork, especially those who cannot obtain space to exhibit or perform from traditional sources because of financial or other limitations. For more information about the space, please visit http://www.hexagonspace.com.
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